Poultry Farming Guide

How to start making money from poultry farming

poultry farming manual

1. A succeciful poultry farm looks like this

selecting poultry breeds

But, did you know that over 70% of farmers never achieve this?

Majority of poultry farms looks like this

controlling pests and diseases in poultry

In short, many farmers suffer total loss of their flock, while others get little or no profits from their investment.

Does this mean that you should not invest?, NO! People will always eat poultry and prices get better every day

All you need is "doing things differently" and money will follow you

Let's look at "what they do wrong" first

If you are a victim of 1 or 2 of this bad management practices don't worry i will teach you how to correct.

Poor poultry farm management :

1. Poor breed selection ( which type do you want to keep? "Broilers", "layers", "KARI improved kienyeji", "Kenbro", "Sasso kienyeji" e.t.c. can you identify them? do you know everything about them?)

2. Poor housing of the chicken ("some farmers construct expensive structures that don't meet minimum poultry housing standards, i will show you how to construct a standard poultry unit using available materials at the lowest cost possible")

3. Lack of a Vaccination plan ( well, i'm sure you have heard about this, "if you don't follow vaccination guidelines, diseases will be dancing in your farm" many have lost all their birds to preventable diseases, please don't be one of them)

4. Poor handling of diseases ( treating is the work of veterinarians but a good farmer should know how to identify sick chicken. or how will you know when to call a vet?, many wait until they start dying to call a vet, you can also save money by handling some cases on your own)

5. Feed formulation( imagine the amount of money you can save making your own poultry feeds. it's sad that farmers buy poor quality "kienyeji mash" yet they can easily formulate their own using readily available ingredients such as maize bran, omena etc i will show you how to formulate kienyeji, layers, and broiler feeds )

Lessons on poultry farming

1. Poultry housing
2. Common poultry Diseases
3. Making Kienyeji feeds
4. Making broiler feeds
5. Poultry hygiene
6. Making layer feeds
7. Common Poultry breeds
8. Poultry equipments
9. Poultry waste management
10. Culling of birds
11. Poultry vaccination
12. General Farm management

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Our E-book

1. Cost effective poultry house

contruction of poultry house

Learn how to:
1. Design a standard poultry unit
2. Construct Kienyeji, Broiler and Layers units
3. Use of locally available materials in construction

2. Breed selection

poultry breeds in kenya

Learn about:
1. Features of different breeds in kenya
2. Requirements of different breeds

3. Make your own feeds

poultry feed formulation

Learn about:
1. Ingredients required for feed formulation
2. How to make your own Kienyeji, Layers and Broiler Feeds
3. Qualities of good poultry feeds

4. Vaccination plan

poultry vaccination

Learn about:
1. How and when to perform Vaccination of different poultry breeds
2. Importance of vaccination in poultry

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