capsicum Farming Guide

How to start making money from capsicum farming

capsicum farming manual

1. A succeciful capsicum farm looks like this

selecting capsicum seeds

But, did you know that 90% of farmers never achieve this?

Majority of capsicum farms looks like this

controlling pests and diseases in capsicum

In short, many farmers suffer total loss of their crop, while others get little or no profits from their investments.

Does this mean that you should not invest?, NO! People will always eat capsicums and prices get better every day

All you need is "doing things differently" and money will follow you

Let's look at "what they do wrong" first

If you are a victim of 1 or 2 of this bad management practices don't worry i will teach you how to correct.

Poor capsicum farm management:

1. Poor seeds selection (poor varieties have Low yields and are prone to pests and diseases)

2. Poor raising of seedlings ("a bad start and a bad ending are brothers")

3. Poor Fertilizer application (wrong fertilization leads to low yields or mineral deficiency)

4. incorrect watering(excess or insuficient watering will affect your capsicums)

5. Plant spacing(Spacing must be correct)

6. Poor control of pests & diseases(Sadly this where many farmers lose all their crops)

With Farmers App you will learn:

1. How to select seeds

selecting cabbage seeds

Learn about:
1. All capsicum seeds in kenya
2. Variety Potential yields
3. Growth conditions
4. Time of growth
5. Variety disease resistance

2. Pests & Diseases Control

controlling pests and diseases in capsicum

Learn how to:
1. Identify pests & diseases
2. control pests & diseases
3. Biological pests control

3. Crop Management

capsicum crop management

Learn about:
1. Land preparation
2. preparing seedlings
3. Fertilizer application
4. Correct watering
5. Plant spacing

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1. capsicum farming manual
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